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The characteristics of the China Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper?

China Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper is easy to operate, both men and women can operate, and it is safe and convenient to use. Next, let me introduce how to better use the device. What are the characteristics of the device?

1) Wheel track is easy to adjust

The track is adjustable for the pin to accommodate different row spacing requirements of various crops, and the spacing is adjustable from 30 to 86 cm.

2) Safe clutch parking

When the machine encounters an emergency, it only needs to hold the clutch handle by hand, and the main clutch can be disengaged.

3) Simple and convenient to start

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The gasoline and air-cooled diesel of this machine is started by a drawstring, which is very convenient.

4) The convenient multi-purpose power output shaft

A backup power take-off shaft is provided on the upper part of the rotary tiller. Can be used as a power source for various jobs.

5) Powerful hexagonal axle

Thanks to the special steel hex axle, the transmission torque is large and can be used safely during operation.

6) When the harvesting operation is carried out, the supporting tire is a large-diameter widened tire with strong passing ability, which is especially suitable for wet and rotten operation.

7) The reinforcer frame is reinforced.

8) There is a lodging support device, which is highly adaptable to the operation.



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