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Check out my books publishing just signed a new author Richard Gomez and here is the agreement

Hey Rich, this gave me the chills I created publishing company for people like you and I believe I can marketing you like no other. I am starting to think that our conversations at the hot dog stand were more important than we thought. Here is my publishing company let me know if you have any questions. The cool thing about this brand is you can be who ever you want to be and I will never tell you want to do some times I will make suggestions. Okay he is the plan I am broke too and the way my site is going I will be a millionaire by the end of the year and all that is missing is fun. Here is the plan and i will stick to this with minor tweaks here and there.

  1. I am gonna post the first chapter on my blog as is that will really create a buzz even using the video with you and that dance number will engage a lots of other people. Any other videos you have will be very powerful of your chaos and also musical gifts. Also I want you to only give me one chapter at a time so we can create a need.

  2. Then depending on demand we will post the whole book online in 6 months (or maybe one chapter a week) to a year and start selling the chapters at once we have created a following this is like nancy drew meets the una bomber.

  3. You just keep doing what you are doing I will make a name for you without you needing to sell out. You may not get it but at some point you will be able to surf the wave in peace that you have created all your life if you want.

Just say yes and I will start posting

Peace and Abundance,

Stephen T. Jones

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