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The abrasive disc grinding and dressing principle

The high efficient metal abrasive disc is mainly shaped by the outer circle, the end surface, the inclined surface, the outer round corner, and the inner and outer circular arc surfaces. The diamond grinding wheel generally only rotates, and the tool grinding wheel.

Not only the rotation but also the feed motion and the reciprocating swing. Therefore, the rotational speed of the high efficient metal abrasive disc and the tool grinding wheel and the feed amount of the tool grinding wheel become important process parameters.

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Under the action of friction and impact force, the high efficient metal abrasive disc rotates, causing the elastic deformation of the bonding agent between the diamond particles, the deformation reaches a certain degree, the bonding agent appears to crack, and the diamond particles rotate under the continuous action of friction and impact force, resulting in The crack of the bond is enlarged, the final binder is broken, and the diamond particles are detached from the surface of the high efficient metal abrasive disc.

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