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The 99 cent store is the most expensive store in the world By Stephen T. Jones

This is the sub-chapter that got me kicked out of 99 cent stores and a like all over the world and led me to settle out of court for two dollars and fifty cents. Okay I just wanted to start with that cheesy joke and let you know that this is a theory that has been designed to help you shift the way that you do business. I do believe that the 99 cent store is more expensive than we think and I have put together the following examples of how the 99 cent mindset could be getting in the way of your abundance.

99 cent dreams can be very expensive 🙂

1)    You get what you pay for; over the years I have seen countless businesses cutting corners to say a buck. It is important to be conscious of why we are saving money because if this is created out of worry or lack that this usually will lead to the wrong path, wrong decision or spending too much time making a bad decision. If you really think about it sometimes we go out of our way to save money, which usually end up costing more. Here is an example I just spent $30.00 to buy some business cards and I could have got the same business card for $20.00. I was already at the store and I had spent the time to get the card exactly the way that I wanted it. Let’s say that I make $30 dollars an hour for me to get to the store that is 10 minutes out of my way it will probably cost me about $32.00. This is the break down it would take an hour which is $30.00 of time and $2.00 of gas. Lots of people go with the mindset that I can do it on the weekend or after hours but this is really demising the amount that you make an hour especially if you are self employed.

2)    One of the worst labels in the reputation of cheap I had lots of friends that use to joke about me being cheap and I use to take great pride in it. We all would have fun with it and although my friends really trusted me very few of them did business with me because I was a tight ass. Ultimately to create money and abundance in your life we want to let it flow and anytime we hoard money it diminishes. As I continue to let go of this label it helps to create more abundance in my life. I believe not matter how much money you have the cheaper you are the broker you feel. What can I do right now to create more abundance in my life?

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3)    Mingle with the dogs and what happens? I didn’t make this up there is a certain type of person that goes to a restaurant and a certain type of person that goes to the 99 cent store. It is possible to meet someone to impact your business at he 99 cent store but there is a higher probability of meeting someone at a nice restaurant or golf course. I believe that even if the same two people meet at an upper end store instead of the 99 cent store they would be more apt to do business. Why is this? We all like a good story and as much as we hate to admit it our reputation is very important to us. Have you ever met a married couple that said, we met at the 99 cent store?

No matter what your brand is it is important that you set a standard that gives you the freedom to attract the right people and resources to impact your business. Thanks for sharing this time with me and I hope this valuable information is already impacting your business.

Stephen T. Jones is a Visionary and Inspirational Speaker
that is really starting to find his artistic expression in the world.
He is a dreamer that loves to connect with water and waves while
taking time to build community ventures and corporate projects.

Writing a book with the world…If even one percent of the population —

or even just one percent of one percent — posted their ideas in one day,

you’d have enough information to fill a book with world solutions.

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