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Technical Features of Tubular Belt Conveyor

Compared with common belt conveyor, the Construction Waste Crusher has advantages both in technology and performance. This article mainly deals with the technical features of the tubular belt conveyor.

(1) Driving device

The driving device of this belt conveyor mainly includes variable frequency motor driving and hydraulic motor driving. The former is mainly composed by the motor, reducer, coupler, frequency conversion device and driving roll. The latter provides the needed flow and pressure for the hydraulic motor relying on the power station.

(2) Tension device

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The tension device of the tubular belt conveyor adopts hydraulic pressure automatic tension device or heavy hammer tension device. During the normal working process of the belt conveyor, as for the tension fluctuation of the belt caused by the changing of the conveying amount, the hydraulic pressure automatic tension device can be used for automatically adjusting the tension of the belt in order to maintain the stable tension of the belt. The heavy hammer tension device is able to use the space position of the vestibule for convenient arrangement.

(3) Emergency switch

When the belt conveyor breaks down, the workers can turn off the switch on any part of the belt conveyor, and then the machine will automatically lock and ring the alarm bell, and this conveying machine and the upstream equipment will stop working.

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