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Take Two Spritzes Each Day Me Of Call And Deer Antler Spray

The latest and greatest performance enhancer, if you’ve been living under a stone, is deer velvet. Because antler spray enhances IGF1, and enhanced levels of IGF-1 appear to have significant muscle mass building gains that are anabolic and also have been associated with improved human growth hormone levels, deer spray appears to have some important musclebuilding potential.

Whether deer antler is restricted in sport and whether its use would be considered a doping violation precipitates to whether it has been licensed to be free of possible toxins and whether it absorbed or is ingested.

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Medical magazines concur that when IGF-1 is absorbed inside the kind of colostrum it’s not absorbed from the body and might ‘ not generate positive results on drug assessments’ Accepting the exact same will also deer antler spray bodybuilding side effects – just click the next web site, apply to the IGF1 in deer antler or other foods, consuming the IGF1 is unlikely to become interpreted being a violation of drug-testing regulations since no banned chemical is consumed by the body.

So, in the event the deer antler sprays act as planned and igf 1 is clearly absorbed from the body, which may be a violation of drug-testing guidelines but we do not believe it would result in a good drug test in the current system.

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