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Super thin 115mm cutting disc thermosetting resin method?

With the advancement of production technology, thermosetting resins are gradually replaced by photocurable resins. Photocrosslinkable polymers, initiators, and additives. The most essential difference between them and thermosetting resins is that the curing process relies on the absorption of the corresponding wavelength. The chemical reaction caused by the radiation of light causes the photocurable resin to change from a liquid to a solid. This curing method is often used in super thin 115mm cutting disc.

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It changes from liquid to solid as a result of molecular weight increase, rather than solvent evaporation, so it has the advantages of rapid curing, no pollution, and energy saving, but the limiting factor is the high price of raw materials. In terms of thin cutting sheets, China has successfully developed super-thin 115mm cutting disc with a thickness of 0.15mm using photocurable resin as a bonding agent, and successfully completed the cutting test of single crystal silicon wafers. With the development of technology, this method will It is being used more and more widely.

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