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Strong Classification Crusher Introduction

recent years, roller crusher has been greatly developed. Powerful new grading crusher uses a new type transmission structure, Roll structure and new abrasion and impact resistant material, crusher crushing strength and greater capacity Quarry Crusher; health monitoring using sensor and plc crusher machine, crushing automation and reliability of the machine has been greatly improved, and its overall performance is basically the same with similar foreign models. Representative of the FP series grading crusher, coal crusher is the ideal equipment for coal preparation plant.

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FP series and ZPLF series grading crusher is a crusher. It is a new concept of grading crusher, totally different from the traditional roll crusher broken by the impact and squeezing the material, but the use of joint action to achieve a tensile shear broken material. As a result of low speed, special tooth, materials and super smashing tablets are small. FP series and ZPLF series grading crusher has high crushing strength, large capacity, ultra-smashing particles and are less able to deal with the characteristics of the wet sticky materials, and with automatic control device that can be easily integrated into the whole plant centralized control. Which FP500 grade crusher is mainly used for coal preparation plant coal or coal crushing operations it can also be used for crushing coal mines and stone quarries, cement plants and other departments broken.

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