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stone mining machinery industry

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growing market outside of China, ranked the world’s top ten mining equipment manufacturers accounted for about 85% of the market share, the entire control of the industry is concentrated in a few companies.
Second, the growth of world mining machinery market is accelerating
state which, China’s huge demand for infrastructure generated is a major contributing factor. 2008 to 2009, the Chinese market than the North American market has become the largest mining machinery sales in several markets in the world, in 2010, China mining machinery production accounts for the proportion of world output or permit up to 50%.
Third, the world stone mining machinery rental market has been developing
in England for the British leasing company sales accounted for total sales of the mining machinery is 75% vertical roller mill, North America 60%, France and Germany, respectively, 50% and 40%. China is still far from reach this level, but after a few years, is likely to come this far.
four of the world’s mining machinery production and demand are the major manufacturers in the transfer
to China have set up factories in China, the main parts maker also attracted to China. A major obstacle to the development of Chinese mining machinery parts and components is the lack of quality supply, now has changed. Since mining machinery products
holdings have enough to complete the current projects, the current global mining machinery market in the emergence of life but also in a stable and conservative state of development. With industry experts have predicted that the era of mining machinery will face frozen, because supply exceeds demand, Monk little more meat the situation will continue to expand, at that time a lot of mining machinery companies have turned in 2009, and some will be re-directed to the eyes PRESS and other equipment, and will look into the construction machinery, who wanted to enter after 2010, construction machinery cold gradually decline, the industry profit phenomenon appeared, industry insiders predict construction machinery will re-shuffle.
experts believe that, from a global mining machinery industry in the future development trend, manufacturers can provide ldquo; a package of services rdquo; the ability to become increasingly important. These capabilities include the ability to produce a full range of products, including the manufacturer shall provide support for the purchase terms, because sales of many machines will be realized through loans.
for Chinese manufacturers, how to retain existing export momentum and expand its advantage is an important issue facing the future. China is currently 3% to 5% of the total output of mining machinery products for export. Must be the main reason is that many Chinese export manufacturers expand their production capacity, but sales only account for about 70% of total capacity, use export to consume excess capacity. And China’s domestic products in the market price is relatively low, the profits of Chinese exports has basically reached 300% of domestic products. In addition, in Europe and other mature markets, customer payment ability and timeliness are better.

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