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Stone broken line cannot do without the gold ore crusher

Jaw crusher plays a significant role in stone production line, the equipment can meet the production requirements of different users, at the same time, also play other stone crusher can not replace the role. In stone production line, the crushing process requires coarse gold ore crusher and fine gold ore crusher. In stone production line in the bulk material by silo by vibrating feeder evenly sent to the jaw of rough crusher, crushed stone by belt conveyor to fine gold ore crusher for further broken; fine after the stone by belt conveyor to the sieve screening, screening gives several different specifications of stones, satisfy the size requirement of stones from the finished product belt conveyor to finished product stock pile, as follows

in stone production line, fine gold ore crusher is third processing procedures, after crushing gold ore crusher broken stone near as vibrating screen is divided into two kinds of stones, a part of meet the feed size stones into the sand making machine sand mechanism sand, the other part material returns in fine crushing crusher, gold ore crusher out fineness can reach 10mm–105mm range, adjust the stone material is different according to the customer demand crushing production line.Fine gold ore crusher mentioned crusher is the simple pendulum, the pendulum type gold ore crusher made great improvement, with a number of moving jaw eccentric shaft structure addend, running through each of the moving jaw crushing material respectively, so as to reduce the machine load, and easy start, smooth operation, low energy consumption.

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The current domestic pendulum type gold ore crusher and Jane put type finely gold ore crusher, its working principle prototype crusher, only the inlet length increases, the reduction ratio is up to 5~8. The crusher can crush strength is not more than 250MPa of ore and rock crushing gold ore crusher is mainly used for hardness relatively large broken stone, such as granite, Xuan Wuyan, HeLuanShi etc. the two crushing. Fine gold ore crusher with high production efficiency, stone crusher price moderate, low operation cost, high yield, high income, finished stone uniform granularity, grain shape good, accord with national highway material requirements. In addition to the low energy efficient equipment, etc., which makes the stone line a high degree of automation, the entire production line equipment in addition to the boot downtime and maintenance besides, hardly need manual operation, thus becoming the heart of customers the most reasonable and economical production line.

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