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Standard cutting machine for noise reduction

The cutting machine for the downstairs decoration of the community is almost cut for three minutes in a minute, and then the metal is cut according to the crisp sound of the falling object. The cutting sound is not uniform, and it can be guessed that the vibration caused by the cutting does not force the cutting piece at the same point, and the hand needs a large force to stabilize. Everyday cutting work made me have to sigh at the hard work of the staff and also wanted to say: sir, can you see it in the daytime? Or buy a standard cut off wheel for metal that reduces noise?

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In fact, the sound of metal friction can not stand, this is a normal reflection of the average person, when the metal spoon scrapes the bowl, there will be a frictional noise generated, which stimulates the brain nerves, used to use the blackboard to scrape the blackboard to mention this problem. It is the same reason to scrape the table top with your fingernails. After the brain nerves are stimulated, they will feel abnormally abnormal in heart rate for a period of time. This may also be because they have been subjected to some kind of stimulation, so they will touch the metal surface with nails every time. I always feel uncomfortable.

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