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Smart Industrial Abrasive Processing

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Information technology such as Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing have brought new opportunities to industrial production. Traditional industries are facing changes. How to use emerging technologies to improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs is the top priority of current enterprises. Germany’s concept of Industry 4.0 has set off a wave of enthusiasm around the world. The United States has also proposed the Industrial Internet, which represents a new direction of industrial automation. It uses the Internet of Things to connect all the equipment on the production site and store and analyze data through cloud computing. To further tap the enormous value behind massive data.China supply 7″ cut off disc
With the 2018 World Internet of Things Conference in Wuxi, Jiangsu, the concept of “all things connected” gradually became clear in the public, and the “Wisdom+” scene became a reality. However, how to achieve interconnection and ensure data security in complex and ever-changing industrial scenarios has become an urgent problem to be solved. Today, this problem has a solution.
Intelligent industrial robots are called “the pearl of the top of the manufacturing crown” and the “window” of the gold-plated “Made in China”. Its research and development, manufacturing and application have become an important indicator to measure the level of technological innovation and high-end manufacturing in a country. It can be seen that the lack of robotic technology limits the scale of industrialization, while the smaller scale also constrains the development of technology, which affects the industrialization process of robots. Experts in the industry believe that if we want to improve the market competitiveness of grinding robots, we must expand the production of grinding robots and increase the production capacity of grinding robots. On the other hand, we must promote the optimization of key components of grinding robots and improve key zeros. The production capacity of components and the need to expand the capacity of grinding robots.
Why do you need to develop a grinding robot? Industrial robots are depreciated according to the 10-year service life. The annual cost of producing products is about 50,000 yuan, and the cost of three mature welding and cutting technicians is at least 216,000 yuan per year. When an industrial robot produces the same benefit, the cost of input is 23% of the labor cost. This ratio will greatly reduce the manufacturing costs of enterprises and provide a broad space for corporate profits.

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