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Single segment crusher machine in the successful development of this year

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Shanghai Zenith single period of crusher machine in the year successfully developed, according to the relevant personnel introduces, the crusher machine the biggest characteristics of machine is a break, the difference with the traditional crusher machine equipment is the function is fine, but also can replace 6 sets of crusher machine equipment in the whole sand stone production line, can say it, rewrite the sand industry jaw crusher machine “stupid, big, thick” history.
The traditional jaw crusher machine jaw crusher machine only the upper work, lower jaw with top emission material. Complete crushing task required multiple machines, multiple stage crushing setup to complete, and between every two sections of broken shall use the conveyor is connected, large investment, covers a large area, consumption of University of technology.
Shanghai Zenith single period of crusher machine equipment by adding a set of crank and rocker mechanism and a ladder type structure design of crushing cavity, the use of small angle servo principle of dynamic lower jaw force reducing state variable reinforcement effect, not only can realize single one-time of sand and milling is omitted, the subsequent crusher machine and sand making machine, simplifies the production process, saving investment, and saving energy, reduces the power consumption, the production efficiency is improved.

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