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Selection points for molding and grinding

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There are four main requirements for forming abrasive grinding wheels:
First, shape retention
Since it is a form grinding, the most important thing is naturally the shape retention ability of the 7” cut off disc for metal!
Good shape retention can:
1 to ensure the accuracy after grinding used by7″ cut off disc for stainless steel
2 reduce trimming frequency and improve processing efficiency
Good shape retention can be achieved not only by increasing the hardness of the grinding wheel, but more importantly, the grinding wheel is stable and suitable for self-sharpening.
Second, the surface roughness after grinding
Many molded and finished products are part of each other. Therefore, good surface roughness reduces the resistance to actuation and increases product life.
Therefore, after grinding a good shaped grinding wheel, the surface roughness of the workpiece should be as fine as possible!
Third, easy to rest
If the shape retention is good, but it is not easy to trim, it will also reduce the processing efficiency.
It is not easy to trim, which means that the precision of molding is easy to be unstable, and the finished product after final processing is prone to the problem of poor dimensional accuracy.
Fourth, heat dissipation
In order to improve the shape retention, the shape grinding wheel has a lower number of tissue stages and fewer pores. However, the molding and polishing coolant is relatively difficult to enter the polishing point, and it is easy to cause problems such as burn vibration.
Therefore, heat dissipation is also a major focus when choosing molding and grinding!

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