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SDSU-Trying to find OUR place in the World (All 5 Parts) by Stephen T. Jones

We are living in world that now more than ever the future is a moving target & we all are being challenged to find new and different ways to make a difference. Please join Steve as be engages a groups of student leaders on the San Diego State Campus to

  • Harmonize between making things happen and letting things happen
  • Challenge for today’s leaders is to be both leaders and followers
  • Less acting and more being
  • The Harvard Model is usually dying
  • To live for a cause
  • I am in

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The good news is you’re not alone making a difference is the new status quo

Here is the link to download Steve’s FREE Social Media Book’s

Stephen T. Jones is a Visionary, Inspirational Speaker and Social Media Lobbyist who is really starting to find his artistic expression in the world. He is a dreamer that loves to connect with water and waves while taking time to build community ventures and corporate projects. He runs his company hands free with Dreadlocks and flip flops.

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