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#SDSU #LizzyandME Bracelet Exchange


#SDSU #LizzyandME


The fact that we live in a world where violence toward women and children is socially accepted and even welcomed in some circles. Every time you listen to the news or watch the television, you see it; it stares us right in the face and we sit by and do nothing. We say NO MORE!

The Lizzy and Me Bracelet Exchange is an empowered way to promote sisterhood for  females of all ages; as we find our own healing voice(s) through art and personal expression.


Joining The Bracelet Exchange

is as easy as 1 2 3…


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  1. ENGAGE- Read Lizzy and Me and share with your friends, family and community.
  2. INVITE- Brainstorm and bring together your peer to peer team and decide on bracelets that speaks to who you are individually or as a group.
  3. EMPOWER- As we cross each others paths take a moment to exchange the bracelets…with a resounding YES that reaffirms the importance of sisterhood Again, Again and Again!!!

#SDSU #LizzyandMe is about taking our communities back and standing up for what is right in the world.  No longer will the people remain quiet; we will shout it from the rooftops and our highest peaks until our voices, their voices, are heard.


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