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SDSU Children’s Book by Sarah D’Amico and Stephen T. Jones

SDSU Children’s Book by Sarah D’Amico and Stephen T. Jones

We are in the middle of writing a children’s book using landmarks on the SDSU campus… This a story about a little boy sets out on a journey to find a way to follow the rules and be free to live his dreams. Sarah and I asked the students, what are some cool landmarks that we should put into the book? And here is what the students came up with…

Once we finish writing this book we will give it away for free without illustrations. Then we are looking to partner with 5 organizations on campus to create illustrations to bring the book to life. This book is to serve the students and make the world aware of what is going on at San Diego State University. I believe that there are lots of cool things happening on the campus and I am inspired to share this with the students and the rest of the world. Here are some of the landmarks that made the book

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The boy goes to the access dome to access dome to find all the answers of the world.

This is the bridge that connects the world of dreams to the world or rules.

The Feral cats that hang out on campus have a great message to wake the students up…

The castle that leads to the man that plays the chimes.

This is the tower in the back of the castle where the man that plays the chimes works, lives and plays.

The turtle pond is a place that the little boy goes to take a break and breath.

Little boy, Mr. Chimes and the Bendy Path

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