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SBM Produces the Best Ore Milling Equipment

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Ore milling equipment is mainly composed of drum, roller, brush roller,magnetic system, tub and transmission parts. Motor regulates motor speed throughthe reducer, which drives the cylinder and magnetic roll do rotary motion.Magnetic system is open, installed in inside cylinder and all bared magnetic.Cylinder is rolled welding by 2-3 mm stainless steel plate, and the end cover isaluminum casting connected by stainless steel screw and barrel. Magnetic blockis installed in the plate of yoke by stainless steel bolt, and the shaft of theyoke is out of the barrel. The end shaft is fixed with turn arm, which canadjust the magnetic system angle. The working area of trough is made up withstainless steel, and the frame and other parts of the cell body are welded withordinary steel.
Generally speaking, ore milling equipment sale can be divided into dry magneticseparator and wet magneticseparator. ore milling equipment is the most widely used mining machine withadvantages of simple structure, easy to operate, easy to maintain, etc. Magneticseparator is suitable for wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite,roasted ore, ilmenite, iron removal of coal, non-metallic mineral, buildingmaterial and other materials with granularity below 3mm. ore milling equipment iswidely used in iron powder removal, and is also widely used in resourcerecovery, timber industry, mining industry, ceramic industry,chemical industry, food industry, etc.

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