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Sand Making Machine Price

The excellent performance of river pebble sand maker machine in structure and performance makes the production line run more efficiently and creates high economic benefits for users. The specific performance is as follows:

1. Hydraulic system

The new generation of river pebble sand making machine adopts hydraulic system to control the size of discharge outlet effectively and realize adjustable grain size. When foreign body enters, it can also automatically retreat the moving cone, recover automatically after removing foreign body, and continue production, which can protect the sand making chamber.

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2. There are many sand chambers

The new sand chamber of river pebble sand making machine has four specifications, which can realize various production modes of coarse, medium and fine crushing, and can fully meet the production requirements of users.

3. Reliable sealing

The new generation of river pebble sand making machine adopts labyrinth sealing device, which effectively isolates dust from the outside and carries on the system, keeps the lubrication device clean, has good bearing transmission, the system runs smoothly, and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

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