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Sand making machine industry actively explore overseas markets

Infrastructure construction has become the current is one of the most important tasks and produce large amounts of construction waste in infrastructure construction process will be. At present, China’s construction waste has accounted for 35 of the total municipal waste, according to the projections of the 550 tons / million square meters of standard, by 2020 China will add a building area of about 300 million square meters, crushing machinery in the construction waste recycling process will play a major role. The large-scale development of the western region in the new decade planning and post disaster reconstruction will lead to a large demand for crushing machinery, as the country continued to expand domestic demand, increasing the pace of infrastructure construction, will drive the broken machinery industry vigorous development.
The application of sand making machine is wide, the future of the market is wide.. With the in-depth development of sand making machine production technology, a lot of domestic crusher brand successfully entered the overseas market, formed no small influence in foreign regions. Domestic sand making machine industry concentration is increasing year by year, the group poly development of the small and medium enterprises have to change the large and medium-sized enterprises enhance, the original maturity of the technology of large enterprises began to seek a breakthrough in overseas markets.
As in recent years the development of China’s economy, strength has been continuously enhanced, narrowing the gap with the developed countries the technical level and the level. At present, China has entered the crushing production country ranks, the products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania and other regions, to participate in international competition in the market become inevitable trend. With the future of the construction of foreign infrastructure in advance, will usher in a broader market.
On the one hand, a relatively rapid economic development in Southeast Asia and Africa, increase investment in transportation infrastructure, mineral resources exploitation strength increase, especially in Africa, the crushing demand increases. In recent years, Africa’s economic development faster, increase the investment on transportation infrastructure, increase the intensity of mineral resources exploitation, and the increased demand of crusher, ball mill and sand making machine and so on mining equipment; backward sand making machine development of Africa and other countries, the need to import; and Chinese mines broken and have the advantage of price, so can more into the scope of the selection range of the African countries.
On the other hand, behind the fracture development of Southeast Asia and Africa and other countries, the need to import, and our products has price advantage, to enter the Asian and African countries. At present, China’s high-end products and export products supporting infrastructure components also rely mainly on imports, domestic development in this area is relatively weak, so broken production enterprises in the basic technology and basic parts investment opportunities is still large.
At present sand making machine is mainly exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Oceania and other regions. But given the traditional market to enhance the space is limited, it is necessary to attach importance to tap the potential market, adapt to the development of the needs of developing countries, crushing machinery, for example, ASEAN, Arab and Latin America market, seek more in line with the national characteristics of the economic and trade cooperation.

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