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Resin grinding wheel equipment inspection

1. Raw material inspection, process inspection and factory inspection are important contents for the implementation of effective inspection and control of resin grinding wheel production enterprises, but there are few production enterprises that truly standardize management and standard cut off wheel for metalstandardization management. The main problems are incomplete systems, unimplemented functions, lax management, short control of inspection equipment, and insufficient quality of inspection personnel.

2. Inspection equipment configuration is incomplete. The inspection equipment is incomplete. The inspection equipment for resin grinding wheel has 3 large parts: rotary strength testing machine; sand blasting hardness machine (or Rockwell hardness machine)—resin slice and grinding sheet; static balance (There is also a dynamic balancer for the diamond grinding wheel), and other thin-plate grinding wheel end face, radial runout tester, inner diameter gauge, vernier caliper, grinding wheel cutting performance testing machine, etc. Inspection equipment lacks the proper maintenance and care.

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3. Selection and application of resin grinding wheel phenolic resin liquid

The most commonly used humectant in the manufacture of resin grinding wheels is a phenolic resin liquid. When a normal resin liquid ratio is used, if the material is difficult to control dry and wet, a humectant such as furfural or dibutyl ester is used. Because furfural has good compatibility with liquid phenolic resin, it is still used in most manufacturers. However, the disadvantages of high corrosiveness, irritating odor, and damage to the health of the operating staff are obvious. Therefore, many manufacturers are looking for more suitable alternatives.

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