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Reduce the wear of special cutting blades for stainless steel

The cutting piece is an indispensable part of the abrasive industry. No matter what kind of cutting piece will wear after a period of use, and generally the cutting blade is worn on both sides, the more the wear, the more The service life will also be shortened. So, is there any way to reduce its wear and tear?
In order to increase the grinding ratio of standard cut off wheel for metalthe wear mechanism of the cutting piece must be discussed.

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  1. The interaction between the diamond crystal face and the material to be processed causes micro-wear to occur at the working end of the diamond abrasive grain. The physical and mechanical properties of the bond change due to the heat of grinding, which causes the strength of the bond to decrease, which causes the cutting piece to wear. .
    First, improve the quality of the edge diamond. The diamond particles in each layer of the cutting blade are unevenly distributed, the diamond concentration in the inner and outer layers is too different, the diamond concentration in the edge of the blade is too low, and the fine-grained diamond particles are too small, so the low strength causes the cutting piece to be easily worn.
    Second, the wear is also caused by excessive heat, and in order to reduce the grinding heat and improve the heat dissipation conditions of the tool, it is also possible to slot the cutting piece. The number of slots is generally between 4-16, and the adjacent slot spacing should not be equally divided. Cut the rectangular groove and use coarse grinding.
    Third, the metal carcass does not match, the wear resistance is too poor; the cutting point of the cutting piece is on one side of the cutting piece. When sharpening the front of the tool with a spiral groove or a chute, the angle at which the cutting carriage rotates should be 1°-2° smaller than the helix angle or the bevel angle of the tool. The tapered surface of the disc-shaped cutting piece must be used, and the tapered surface of the disc-shaped cutting piece is advocated when sharpening the rake face of the straight-cutting tool. 

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