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Raymond mill Operation and Maintenance

1. Preparation before starting(1) Check the lubrication condition of bearing, and if there is enough grease on connection parts of toggle plates.(2) Fastening condition of all fastener shall be checked.(3) Driving belt shall be carefully checked, and it shall be replaced if there is any damages. And oil dirty on belt or belt wheel shall be timely cleaned with cloth.(4) Protective devices shall be checked in order to remove all the dangerous conditions.(5) There shall be no other materials in crushing cavity, and the crusher shall be stared from empty load condition.

2. Starting(1). The Raymond mill shall be started after checking on unit and driving mechanism.(2). The crusher shall be stared from empty load condition.(3). The alarm signal shall be sent before starting.(4). After starting, the crusher shall be stopped immediately if there is any abnormal condition. And it could be re-started only after solution of relevant problem.

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3. Operation(1) The material shall be fed after stable running is reached.(2) The material shall be evenly fed into crushing cavity. The condition of side feeding or filled up shall be avoided to prevent overload or side load added.(3) Bearing temperature shall be no more than 30℃, and the maximum temperature shall be mo more than 70℃。Checking and relevant solution shall be performed if temperature is more than mentioned values.(4) Stop operation: stop material feeding firstly, then electric motor shall be turned off only complete discharging of materials in cavity.(5) During crushing, if the crusher stopped as material blocked in cavity, the electric motor shall be turned off immediately, and the crusher shall be re-started after discharging.(6) If one end of jaw plate is weared, it could be reversed to the other end for working.

4. Lubrication(1) The lubrication for wearing surfaces shall be periodically performed, so as to keep normal running and work life.(2) The grease shall be selected according to actual working site, air temperature and other conditions. Normally, calcium-based, sodium-based or calcium&sodium-based grease is adopted.(3) The grease volume added into bearing seat shall be 50-70% of bearing volume, 200g grease shall be added into each bearing within 100 hours running.

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