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Rapid development of cutting sheet processing industry

Casting workpieces can be divided into two categories from materials: ferrous metal castings such as grey cast iron, ductile iron, alloy cast iron, and cast steel. One type is non-ferrous metal castings such as cast copper alloys, cast aluminum alloys; with the development of the mechanical industry, the performance of various casting alloys has been greatly improved, and the machining of castings is increasingly using high-speed cutting and drying. Cutting, high-speed cutting and 14 inches cutting disc are the fastest growing cubic boron nitride cutting discs and diamond cutting discs. Diamond cutting grades are available in CDW10, CDW20, CDW30 for finishing, medium finishing and roughing.
Casting as a blank forming process, the performance of castings is mainly determined by casting. With the development of the machinery industry, various high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of castings are becoming more and more. Processing and cutting sheets also exhibit high hardness, high speed machining, high efficiency and high precision with the processing requirements of these castings. CBN and PCD cutting sheets provide the basis for cutting blades for difficult-to-machine materials and high-speed cutting. For example, the BN-K1 new grade cutting piece is used to rough-process large-scale castings of high-chromium anti-wear white cast iron and heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant high-cobalt chromium-molybdenum casting alloy. The BN-S30 grade is used to tell the processing of gray cast iron, and the BN-K20 high speed fine car is used for high strength ductile iron. The cast aluminum alloy was processed at a high speed of 1000 m/min or more using a CDW10 grade PCD cutting piece. With the mass production and high performance requirements of castings, machining is also becoming more and more inclined to high-speed cutting and dry cutting; in the 21st century, new machine tools and numerical control technology and new material cutting sheets will be more and more popular, helping casting and machining. .
CBN and PCD cutting discs are pioneers in the localization of high quality cutting disc supplier, dedicated to hard material processing and high-speed machining. Its “tailor-made” service, professional, efficient and fast-responding service, provides complete cutting blade products and solutions for high-hardness cutting and high-speed cutting.

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