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quartz sand gravel special mining vibrating screen

With physical, chemical properties and unique makes quartz sand is widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery and the rapid development of IT industry, especially the internal structure of molecular chain, crystal shape and portable crushing plant. Quartz sand according to different colors, the quality is not the same, but quartz sand either dry or wet production must be used to mine stone vibrating screen. In the process of quartz sand processing should first select texture of quartz sand mine better, preliminary mining; mining of quartz sand first with the jaw was broken early crusher, the crushed material by belt conveyor to linear vibrating screen in the primary screening, large particles return to the jaw crusher broken two times, small particles of the belt conveyor to roll crusher for crushing two times.The roll crusher of quartz sand is sent to the fine screening linear vibration sieve classification. lm vertical mill size is mainly composed of a mesh size to ensure compliance with the specifications, to sieve out the particle size is subject to type, installation angle, vibration sieve screen surface area and the operating conditions of limiting vibration sieve. Graded quartz fragments mainly by adjusting the crushing and screening efficiency of the discharge opening size and vibration sieve machine to ensure the (influence of grading quality quartz gravel size sieving efficiency). Due to continue to meet the increasing growth of economic development, large mining equipment in the application of vibrating screen is more extensive, played a key role in the engineering machinery manufacturing industry, especially in the mining machinery industry.

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Mining special vibrating screen is necessary machine of quartz sand in machining process, the working part is fixed, by material along the work surface slides and the material screening. The fixed sieve is a more applied in beneficiation plant, commonly used for crushing or crushing the prescreening before. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture. The work of vibrating screen, two motor synchronous reverse rotation to generate reverse exciter exciting force, vibration mesh sieve body driven to do the vertical movement, the material on the exciting force and periodic thrown forward in a range, material screening operation to complete. For sieving sand quarry stone, also can be used for product classification used for coal, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industry etc.. Quartz sand vibration sieve sieve ash special advanced design unique, outlet adopt unique dust collecting device, dust screen feed inlet of dissipation is very light to solve the ordinary vibration. Network layer of rubber sealing ring for special treatment, to prevent fly ash in vibration screening process, escaping from cracks in the network layer.



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