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Product Features of Peanut Picker Machine for sale

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Small investment and quick results are a way for people’s entrepreneurial dreams in the 21st century. Although we have more than 360 industries to choose from, it is not easy to find a job today when economic pressure is urgent. The Peanut Fruit Picker has opened up a new entrepreneurial shortcut for you, so you can enjoy the joy of success with the peanut picker. So how much do you know about peanut Peanut Picker Machine for sale and their product characteristics? Let me summarize it today.
Peanut fruit picker product features:
1. The angler is flexible and convenient and can be adjusted at any level.
2. Advanced design, reasonable results, and reliable performance.
3, the use of special materials made of stem adsorption tape, under the wind operation, the stems and debris are separated at one time.
4. The second sorting adopts the eccentric wheel swinging screen structure, and the sorting effect is ideal.
5, mobile is convenient, fast, with guide wheels, manual and mechanical operation, easy to transport.
The full name of the peanut picking machine can realize the automatic production line and does not require too much manual investment, so it is now welcomed by the majority of users in the market.

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