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Problems needing attention when using a grinding disc to cut a piece

The high quality grinding disc is used in the machinery industry. People who are not engaged in this aspect simply do not know its usefulness. Some people may not know it at all. After all, we pay less attention to this industry. Mechanical products need processing. Every product processing needs to be formed by cutting piece. The grinding disc cutting piece is widely used in production nowadays. The installation of the high quality grinding disc is directly related to the safety problem in the production process, so the problem that needs attention when using the grinding disc cutting piece Let’s take a look at it together.

The spark generated when the high quality grinding disc is working is very large, so it must be noted that it is burnt. Generally, the following matters should be noted when working on the grinding disc:

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1. Can not be placed around flammable and explosive materials;

2. Do not wear polyester clothing, polyester is a by-product of petroleum, is flammable;

3. Do not wear short sleeves, but should wear long trousers.

The high quality grinding disc is not rubbed to produce high temperature to burn the contact part, but to generate a sharp angle when rubbing, thereby cutting the hard metal material. Those sparks are only the phenomenon after the angle of interest, not the high temperature generated by friction. Melt the workpiece.

The above is about the problems that need to be paid attention to when using the high quality grinding disc. Then we must pay attention to these problems in the future use.

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