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Precautions For Replacing The Grinding Disc

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Several issues to be aware of during China grinding abrasive disc replacement process. It mainly includes the following aspects:

  • Texture problem. if there is a crack in the depressed grinding disc in stock during use, it must be stopped and then replaced with a new grinding disc, otherwise, it may cause breakage and injury.
  • The validity period of the grinding disc. Even if the grinding disc is within the validity period, the depressed grinding disc in stocks taken out of the warehouse is not necessarily qualified. The new discs purchased from the manufacturer are not necessarily qualified discs. This is because the duration of any one wheel is limited. If it is used within the validity period, the grinding disc is a qualified grinding disc; if it is used beyond the expiration date, it is not necessarily a qualified grinding disc. Therefore, the grinding disc must be used within the validity period. Therefore, for grinding discs that have been stored for a period of time, they must be tested before use. Only qualified to use.
  • To wear problems. Any type of grinding disc has its own wear requirements. Once the wear reaches a certain level, it must be replaced with a new one. It is generally recommended that the disc be worn up to 10 mm larger than the diameter of the collet and the new disc should be replaced.
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