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PowerPoint is the DEVIL!!! by Stephen T. Jones

A few months ago I did a video called powerpoint is the devil and I just wanted to expanded on what I was trying to say. I believe it is a very useful tool and sometime it is not getting us the result we want.  When we speak as humans we are much more powerful then this communication crutch. I am not telling you to stop using powerpoint I believe we can all benefit from a shift of the way we use it.

What is the purpose of powerpoint?

Before I share some ideas of how to use powerpoint more effectively I would like to like to share with you why it is so popular. When I was in high school I remember how they were talking that we were a generation of instant gratification and that the entire population’s attention span is diminishing. The psychology behind powerpoint is that if you use a visual to keep their attention the retention will be a lot better. I believe this is true and I also believe that there are better ways to keep retention in live and online presentation.

How to create a solid power presentation with life long retention?

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  • First you must realize there is no font or template that can keep an audiences attention like the tone of your voice, the organic selection of your word and the movement of your body. The more we get off of the script we can connect with the people and learn what they want on that day.
  • If you are gonna use graphs make sure they are simple and speak to your audience. The more emotional the audience is the less graphs and please stay away from reading word for word off of the powerpoint presentation. This is the best way to loose your audience and it is harder for them to tell if they can trust you or not.
  • As a rule use 5 to10 slides an hour and if you are passing them out give them the freedom to follow along or look ahead. This will help keep their attention and ultimately help with retention. By having fewer slides it keeps you from feeling rushed and helps you stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Try not to waste too much time customizing your powerpoint slides before your presentation this adds stress to the presentation. This can also get you stuck in exactly how you are gonna do it and will totally throw you off if your time has been shortened or the audience has a lot of questions. Flexibility is always key and getting the audience involved from the start of the presentation will always help with retention.

Bringing it all together

Being creative and letting the audience be creative with you there is no better retention than a good imagination. When I book a gig and lets say it was on Powerpoint is the DEVIL I would give this to my virtual assistant and let her put the presentation together. I would look at it a little before the presentation and make any changes that I would like to make. As soon as the presentation starts I would take the temperature of the audience to understand how I can bridge the gap between what I prepared and what they need from me on that day. From there I co-create a presentation with the audience to inspiring and sharing some deep and lighthearted knowledge. At the end I always leave room for unstructured questions and a chance to connect with them more a people.

Stephen T. Jones is a Visionary and Inspirational Speaker
that is really starting to find his artistic expression in the world.
He is a dreamer that loves to connect with water and waves while
taking time to build community ventures and corporate projects.

Writing a book with the world…If even one percent of the population —

or even just one percent of one percent — posted their ideas in one day,

you’d have enough information to fill a book with world solutions.

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