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Plasma arc and high performance cutting

Metal processing, high hardness material processing companies have always wanted to use high efficiency and high quality processing methods for processing,high performance cutting disc  use a variety of processes to achieve metal cutting. For example, plasma arc processing technology and superabrasive processing technology are effective means in the field of processing. It is more reasonable to use   standard cut off wheel for metal and make selection according to processing requirements.

Plasma cutting is a method of melting a portion of a metal portion of a workpiece using heat of a high temperature plasma arc while cutting the workpiece, and removing molten metal by high speed plasma kinetic energy to form a slit. It is a physical cutting process that uses high temperature plasma arc cutting to melt and blow away with a high velocity flame stream. Superabrasive processing is the use of high-hardness abrasives to process high-hardness materials. The hardness of the cutting parts is the main feature that determines the performance of the abrasive.

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The arc is a stable form of gas discharge, and the temperature of the plasma arc is significantly higher than the temperature of a common welding arc. Arc shrinkage is caused by the heat shrinkage effect and the magnetic contraction effect, so that the conductive portion of the arc column is reduced, the energy is concentrated, and the pressure of the shrinkage effect is balanced with the heat diffusion in the plasma. When a low temperature metal is encountered, the atoms or molecules recombine. The energy is released to cause the temperature of the metal at the slit to rise rapidly to melt, and the strong mechanical pulse of the plasma stream is responsible for rinsing the molten metal for cutting.

Superabrasives themselves must have very high hardness to process a variety of high hardness materials. E.g,12 inches cut off wheel. diamond abrasives can be used to machine carbide and non-metallic materials such as ceramics, optical glass, semiconductor materials and non-ferrous metals; die steel, stainless steel and heat resistant alloys are machined from cubic boron nitride abrasives.

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