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Performance characteristics of sand washing machine

Sand washing machine is widely used for washing, grading, impurity removal and other operations in metallurgy, building materials, hydropower and other industries. It is suitable for washing fine grained and coarse-grained materials and sand and gravel for construction. The sand washing machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large amount of treatment, small power consumption and high cleanliness. The new sealing structure, fully enclosed oil bath transmission device and adjustable overflow weir plate ensure that the series products are efficient, durable, clean and dehydrated, and fine particles remain stable.

Working principle of sand washing machine
The transmission type sand washing machine motor, speed reducer, driving the impeller to tank kept in the tank for circumferential rotation, thus the sand or slag particles in the water tank in the water mixing, flip, washing and dehydrating water and materials in the impeller discharge.

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Performance characteristics of sand washing machine
1. the structure of this machine is simple, and the impeller drive bearing device is separated from the water and the water material, which greatly prevents the bearing from being damaged by immersion, sand and pollutants.
2. the sand washing machine for sand and gravel sand washing with traditional spiral sand washing machine has obvious advantages compared to the following:
a. The loss of fine sand and stone powder in is very little. The gradation and fineness of the washed building sand reach the national standard of “building sand”, “building pebbles and gravel”.
b. the machine has almost no vulnerable parts except the screen.
c. has long service life and no maintenance for a long time.

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