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Overview of problems with the use of the grinding wheel

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In the daily use of grinders, although the protection of  China cut off disc
is very standard, it also causes some problems due to operator errors. Operators often have a variety of problems, resulting in different levels of damage and even security risks.
Side grinding problem: We often find that some operators use the side of the grinding wheel to grind the side of the grinding wheel without using the type of grinding machine. The grinding wheel with the circumferential surface as the working surface should not be ground. The diameter of the grinding wheel The strength is large, the axial strength is very small, and the operator will use excessive force to cause the grinding wheel to break, and even hurt people, which is a serious violation of the safe operating procedures.
For frontal operation problems, many operators are always accustomed to the positive operation of the grinding wheel. In fact, this behavior is a very dangerous behavior in the operation of the grinder. When the grinding wheel fails, the grinding wheel flies out or the grinding wheel breaks and will always fly forward. According to the operating procedures, when grinding the workpiece with a grinder, the operator should stand on the side of the grinding wheel.
Excessive force problems. In the use of grinders, some young operators are trying to grind quickly, and the force is inevitably too strong. In fact, 7” cut off disc for metal It has a certain strength in itself, which is likely to cause the grinding wheel to break, even flying out and hurting people.
The problem of sharing the grinder, in the actual daily operation, there will be the possibility of sharing the operation of one grinder while rushing to the production task and grabbing the working time. When a grinder is not enough, it is necessary to use a grinder to solve the problem of not sharing a grinder at the same time.

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