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Ormus Gold – A Boon for Agriculture

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Minerals, vitamins and all the other natural nutrients are essential for our well being. A healthy diet will include all this in a balanced amount. But apart from these there are some natural elements that can boost your health, healing and well being enormously. Ormus gold is one such mystery element that bring about miraculous healing in everyone. But this element is not yet known to the common population as there are lot of scientific studies and research of going on to understand its properties in detail and to pin point how it can trigger healing.
Ormus gold can not only be helpful for humans, but it can increase the produce of plants and trees many folds. Animals can also be healed with the help of this less known element. So lets have a look at it and try to understand in general about this product.
Ormus gold and its properties
It was David Hudson from Arizona who apparently stumbled upon discovering Ormus gold while he was working in his field. When subjected to various kinds of tests this material showed very interesting and surprising results. With the discovery of Ormus gold or scientifically known as Monoatomic Gold began a new chapter in chemistry, physics and biology where far greater things are yet to be discovered. Ormus is not a new phenomenon though, because it is mentioned with other names in some of the ancient civilizations. This shows that our ancestors knew about the miraculous healing power of this M element or the monatomic gold.
The properties of this element are pretty interesting. It is very much different from the usual chemicals found in natural world. It is said to exist in a 3 dimensional world and contains the molecules or chemical signature of all the precious metals.
After Ormus Gold was discovered many scientific research have been undertaken and many more are still on going. There are various areas in which the research has been made. First scientists have studies the physics and chemistry related to Ormus gold. There its properties are being studies in detail and how it reacts to various kinds of stimulus. One of the major areas of study is undertaken in understanding the health benefits of monatomic gold.
As it is a known fact that Ormus has great power to relax the cells in living organisms and then stimulate them to restore, rejuvenate and grow better than normal. A series of experiments have been made on plants and trees where a limited dose of Ormus Gold was added to the soil in which they grow and within a year the fruits they gave were bigger, tastier and contained more nutrients than usual. Oranges, peaches, walnut, maze and even potatoes have yielded phenomenal results. When a limited dose of Monoatomic gold was fed to the rats suffering with cancer, they actually healed better and their off springs showed no signs of that disease.
Given the present growth of population and the production of food grains, governments can actually consider supplying Ormus Gold enriched supplements for farmers who can produce larger quantity of harvest. Over a period of time, the cost of production will also come down. But all this has side effects too and there has been no decisive conclusion of effects of Ormus gold. So one needs to know it all deeply and then take a decision.

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