Your Ad Here Ideas: “Step forward from the top of a hundred-foot pole.”

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This morning while I was walking I saw crow at the top of a telephone crowing and this reminds me of this story  “Step forward from the top of a hundred-foot pole.” Maybe the thing that is missing in your business is more failure. You may have all have the skills, resources and know how but your success or the illusion of success is keeping you from taking it to the next level. Sometimes being attached to our current and past success  gets in the way of seeing our current path. I am sure that it is easier for us to agree that being attach to past failures can be a crutch why not success too. I see lots of people that are stuck in certain patterns even when we know what we are doing won’t work. Are you willing to let go of something or someone that you love, like or hate to take it to the next level? Are you willing to step forward off your hundred-foot pole and fall apart? Are you a big fish in a small pond? Are you willing to be a small fish in a big ocean? Can you think of a time in your life when you did do this? Are there any new commitments that you feel will complement this journey?

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