Your Ad Here Ideas: Living like you have nothing to lose

Recently I saw a story about a homeless dude named Kai that saved a women’s life killing her attacker with a hatchet. Most people that read this were surprised that a homeless man would do something like this and I am sure it happens a lot more than we are think. As I watched this video it really made sense to me that Kai was operating like he had nothing to lose. If you are like me most of you have something to lose and this fear of lose is getting in the way of our freedom. We all can take a page from Kai’s book especially if have something to lose. What if we had everything to lose and lived like we had nothing to lose? What stories and past successes good or bad are you holding on to? What new found freedoms could you embrace living like you have nothing to lose? What is the next step letting to of the last 3 steps?

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