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3 years ago I went to a random meeting with a discussion on angel investors and venture capital. If not for one thing I believe this event would of been just like any event. What was different? The Angel investor showed up little drunk which helped me to crack the code on Angel Investors and Venture Capital types. During the event the investor mentioned that in order for him to invest “you would have to go to the dark side.” After being pressed by the audience he never divulge the meaning of the dark side.” What was he hiding? Or a better question “what is the dark side?” Lets look no further than The Star Wars movie franchise…Darth Vader starts out as a man than he ultimately becomes a evil machine. Over the last three years as I engaged this idea of the dark side more and more I found better solutions that were “NOT” from the every day playbook.  I believe there is not just one way to do things and we don’t always have to do things by the book.” And this thought has inspired me to ideas Bigger, Stronger and Faster with little or no budget. Not by fighting the Dark side but connecting with the other side of the dark side to find the custom path of any company, application or idea. Engaging this idea has inspired this “Jedi Funding Series.”

“Jedi Angel Funding Series”

 Part 1

Guaranteed Best Prices on Domains and Hosting!!!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Star Wars - The Exhibition

Star Wars – The Exhibition (Photo credit: Andres Rueda)


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