Your Ad Here Ideas: “Jedi Angel Funding Series.” Part 2

“Boring conversation anyway. Luke, we’re gonna have company!” Han Solo

Recently I was invited to a big weekend event that they were gonna be launching something pretty powerful…I didn’t go to the event but I was ready for the launch on Monday Morning. 

Monday Afternoon I got this message…

“Yo dude! What I’ve learned about what this company is launching and how huge is going to be would fill the library of congress! OK, maybe that was a little over the top, but seriously, I won’t be super fast (2-6 months), but when it goes public, it’ll be the biggest thing you or I or any of the CEOs have ever had the chance to be involved in.”


What a waste of time and energy? I may be dead in 2 to 6 month and I am guaranteed to be bored. And most likely that company will be.

jedi funding








Here are some sub-chapters to support my belief

Guaranteed Best Prices on Domains and Hosting!!! Ideas: THETA TEST Ideas: Ideas are meant to thrive Ideas: Entrepreneur Time Management Ideas: Entrepreneur’s Get Shit Done!!!




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