Your Ad Here Ideas: “Jedi Angel Funding Series.” Part 1

“You don’t know the power of the dark side!” Darth Vader
Quit trying to compete with the big guys…leverage their experience but remember their or benefits to being a secret that is under the radar. Recently I have really noticed a trend that big successful internet companies like facebook and yelp are trying to complete with Google and Amazon. At first this didn’t make sense to me how is yelp in competition with Amazon? To me they seen like totally different things miles apart…They are competing for ad revenue and investment dollars…My advise to you don’t play this game avoid this game at all cost.
darth vader punk

darth vader punk (Photo credit: txerra_c)

How do you leverage the experience of the big guys?
Thomas Edison was able to accomplish great things with only 3 months of schooling. It it truest essence funding an idea is funding a story based on facts and fiction. In the following sub-chapter  I outlined the organic plan of what made facebook so success in the beginning.



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