Your Ad Here Ideas: Jedi Angel Funding Series Part 3

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Darth Vader

We need to have more faith in the community around us…not blind faith. Believing in others to raise the standard.

Shifting Balance of Power

Shifting Balance of Power (Photo credit: Future Challenges)

The essence of community is to come together to survive…as entrepreneur we discover a problem and than create a solutions…I was raised to work and work and work and then one day you can give back. I believe that when we do this we are so out of touch or we protect the system that brought us success. If it worked for me it is not broken so why fix it? This argument made sense to me 4 to 5 years ago yet more and more I see the world turning away from that. For me it is all about PROGRESS finding a need than creating a sustainable solution. In order to do this we need to know how to create space to be creative…To understand this we must understand the essence of the Global Shift via Technology.

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If you just read that you are probably lost and I must warn you that is a good thing. Because we never find something new unless we get lost and today’s entrepreneurs need to be willing to get lost. Sustainable solutions are created by businesses and people that are able to admit something isn’t working anymore and theta testing something else. This reminds me of a sub-chapter I wrote about choking and how the first thing people do when they start choking is eat more. This is how most businesses operate…when something doesn’t work we go against our better judgement and we do it again, again and again. How do you aim to be different? What is the essence of your business? Are you willing to step down off your 100 foot pole to make the necessary changes now?



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