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“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. Matthew 7:24 

Religion and beliefs aside do you believe the quote about is true or false? I agree with this post but I believe it is much deeper than when you first look at it. When I think of a rock I think or a solid foundation…I also engage the idea of the principles, strategies and beliefs that create a solid foundation. Sounds pretty simple yet in my experience most companies are so worried about the bottom line we aren’t in alignment with our own principles. Simple put our Mission Statement is not our mission. Most companies spend 80% of the time talking about how good we are and 20% of the time actually being good. Trust me the bottom line is important and so are your clients, employees, stock holders and the greater community. I believe this is the new trend and it is not easy but it is worth is. If you are so good challenge your team, staff, department or community to raise the standards individually and collectively. Create ripples not slaves create a culture that is not build around blind faith. In your own way, think and feel about some company or organization that you looked up to that no longer exist. Was their rock solid foundations congruent with their vision, mission and goals? Were they changing with the times or were they holding on to past success? Are still copying their playbook? Are  you willing to let go of strategies that no longer serve you?

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