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Lots of people think it is a generation, a race, financial class or a political party that is entitled…I believe that we are all entitled in some way and if we are willing to admit it, life can be much much easier. If you are like most people you probably think that you are not entitled it is just everyone else. This came to me by observing other people and what I noticed is that the people that complained about people being entitled were usually very entitled. 

This got me thinking

Why do people choose entitlement?

  • Because it works even though I hate to admit 9 times out of 10 the the squeaky wheel gets the grease .
  • People like to give us things to shut us up and they fear what we might do.
  • We don’t know a better way.

Since we are around ourselves all the time it is hard to see when we are being entitled…for you entitlement may look like this. I have the education, looks, background, family or I have been here the longest I deserve it. Since it is so easy we don’t notice that being entitled is robbing us of bigger opportunities. 

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What is the better way? Being charmed

  • Expecting good things to happen to you…
  • Expecting everything you need to show up at the right time with little or no effort
  • Expecting the community around you to support you as you bring you dreams to reality
  • And here is the most important part “don’t be bothered when other people or situations don’t share you’re same expectations.” Because focusing on this entitlement pushes away what you want or what you truly need.

How do we notice when we are being entitled?

  • I started doing this recently and it has really helped me get what I want and need. When I see someone who is entitled I don’t point it out or get frustrated I ask myself “where am I being entitled in my life? Why am I choosing entitlement? What is the other side of entitlement?




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