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Our company owns a % of some of the companies that we launch, partner and invest in through network. In order to be a Visionaries, Innovators and Overachievers we need to be extremely focused and sometimes this can be a gift and a curse. We are looking for companies that may have a blind spot that is keeping your product or idea from getting to market.

This is our niche and competitive edge

  • We create seed money for ideas that we feel we can get behind that will make the world a better place.

  • We give you guidance not direction so you don’t have to give up control.

  • is an online worldwide collaboration platform to share and launch ideas that make the world better and more efficient.

  • Our company is Organic Express and we work with local and global organizations to launch their products and/or ideas through

  • Our focus is to Collaborate with Organizations to launch socially responsible business ideas and sustainable projects worldwide.

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