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Ore Milling Equipment Enterprises Should Improve Innovative Ability

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With the upgrading of the country’s overall industrial ization development,the domestic market competition among mining crusher manufactures also walk into the white-hot stage, they gradually takeinnovation on sand making machine and mobile crushing plant,promoting crushing industry develop to intelligent direction.
The broadmarket space and development prospects do not mean companies can easily obtainthe objective economic; take ore milling equipment industries as instance, the crusher market’s overall income did not have a big breakthrough in 2012, part of the crusher manufacturing enterprises even appear loss phenomenon; this is due tothat, a considerable number of enterprises do not form their own completescientific research system in the current market system; relying on imitateoriginal ore milling equipment market can save funds for scientific research in the shortterm and reduce the investment cost of the equipment, but this devices are lackof core competitiveness, not conducive to the long-term development of theenterprise.
As the vanguard of technological innovation and research oncrushing and screening equipment industry, SBM Machinery Co.,firmly grasps the strategic opportunity of rapid development of China’s marketeconomy, adheres to market-oriented, constantly enhances the capability ofindependent innovation, and creates a group of domestic first-class scientificresearch, promoting technological progress of China’s mining machineryindustry.
SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in R D and production of crushing equipment for 15 years; and in recent years, thecompany launches several new high-performance intelligent ore milling equipment, sand makingmachine, mobile crushing plant and construction waste disposal equipment withvarious models, promoting the future development of China’s crusherindustry.

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