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Notices for Maintenance and Repair of Construction Waste Crusher

In the process of mining, Shaker or construction waste crusher is ubiquitous filtering equipment. Whether the production of gravel, or the extraction of valuable ore raw material, the construction waste crusher is necessary. In addition to focus on breaking equipment, SBM Machinery has rich experience in the design, production, maintenance and repair of construction waste crusher. After contacting with engineers of SBM Machinery, the author summarizes several notices for maintenance and repair of construction waste crusher as follows.
1. When disassemble parts with precision, the surface of these parts should be taken special care to protect to prevent damage and dirt.
2. When disassemble parts with bearing surfaces or process components on their surfaces, make the parts to lay on the floor planks, prevent directly contact with the ground.
3. When assemble or removing parts, directly knocking them with a hammer is not allowed, a copper rod pad or the appropriate pads are required.
4. When one bearing is damaged, the two bearings should be replaced together.
5. When replacing the o ring, oil it and roll into the groove, stretching is not allowed.
6. When installing new screens, firm and tighten evenly the hook of the screen and angle iron or steel on the sieves of the box bearing cage.
7. All parts must be cleaned and oiled before assembly.
8. The lifting equipment for hoisting the parts should have enough lifting capacity.
The high frequency construction waste crusher produced by SBM Machinery has different principles from general screening equipment. Due to working in a state of high frequency, the surface tension of pulp is damaged, and the oscillates of fine material in high speed on the screen surface can accelerate the separating of useful minerals and useless minerals, increase screening efficiency and achieve better screening effects.

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