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New ultrafine mill to drive new situation

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With the continuous development of modern science and technology, non-metallic mineral powder, ultrafine powder in the industrial field of application gradually expanded, non-metallic mineral mill equipment market demand also increased. In this context, our company for the nature of non-metallic minerals and the characteristics of China’s mines, the new launch of a highly efficient ultrafine grinding machine.
The series of products in our original patented product – ultrafine mill based on the innovative design, research and development, it fully combines the use of a large number of our non-metallic mineral grinding users and recommendations, so many of its Optimization and improvement are more in line with the user’s habits and production requirements.
First, it is in the body and the base using a soft connection, which effectively avoid the body and the analysis machine vibration, improve the powder selection accuracy. Second, in order to reduce the cost of manual input and improve the degree of automation of the mill, our analysis machine adopts frequency control, energy saving effect, control precision and maneuverability are greatly improved. Third, the bypass powder feeder design to improve the efficiency of the election, for the collection of the general collector is difficult to collect the fine particles have a good collection effect.

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