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new opportunity for the construction waste crusher

The latest news, November 15, 2013, Shanxi coal group coal surface production procurement project equipment system organizations and public bidding, the bidding scope includes construction waste crusher, belt conveyor equipment delivery, transportation, installation guide, after sale service, YA vibration sieve will usher in a new development opportunity.

With the development of city infrastructure to aggregate the increasingly high demand, everyone started supporting equipment for sand production line has more attention, in addition to the choice of sand making machine shaping effect is good, the sieving equipment also requires size.

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Round vibrating screening for YA and YAH two types, this is through the technology upgrade currently on the market more commonly used classification equipment. Is mainly reflected in the design strength, the screen surface inclination, sieve plate form, the excitation source on the design of the difference with the YA type of YAH vibrating screen, as heavy vibrating screen, YAH series can play an important role in coal dressing, salt sugar and other industrial sectors, realize bulk material screening through the circular trajectory.

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