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New cement vertical roller mill to better adapt to the development of the industry

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With the new dry process cement production technology and technology, in recent years, the cement grinding technology and equipment in China has made considerable progress.. Ball milling, vertical roller mill, roller press grinding system, in constant development, upgrading, the equipment has been updated several generations. But because of the power consumption of grinding equipment in the grinding of can account for comprehensive energy consumption of 65% ~ 75% than that of cement production, coupled with the countries for energy-saving emission reduction requirements more stringent, grinding system will be cement production lines to implement energy saving an important part. For cement enterprises, the energy saving potential of the grinding system becomes the key..
In the system of the grinding system, the energy saving effect of the vertical roller mill system has received much attention and recognition. In recent years, the “no ball trend” discussion is the typical representative..
Some experts believe that cement vertical roller mill as a new, highly efficient and energy-saving grinding equipment, is the main equipment in cement production in the future, will have greater development and application, by using a ball and ball mill grinding times will end. In the cement grinding, vertical roller mill energy saving type, cement production capacity, system gross weight of equipment, system capacity, the unit installs machine capacity and other aspects of the comprehensive advantages of doomed it will replace the traditional ball mill the objective law of development.
Although cement vertical roller mill get a lot of sure, but in fact the cement industry is now the use of the stage is still very small. According to industry experts, 2010 of raw material and slag vertical roller mill has reached more than 80% in the selection of our country, become the preferred type of grinding. However, the selection rate of cement vertical roller mill is still at a low level, only 8%, compared with the international 70% big difference. Before the cement mill in the market more and more recognition.

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