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Multi-functional grain thresher/Sheller use?

Before the Multi-functional grain thresher/Sheller is put on the market, the manufacturer will first carry out certain technical tests, so the equipment needs to be tested in the process. Then the thresher needs to be tested and technically tested during the test. Let me introduce you to the use of the thresher today.

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The patent technology of the utility model discloses a threshing machine with a lifting function, comprising a threshing machine body, a header, a threshing box, a fixing seat, and a mixing box, the harvester body has a header at one end, and the other end of the harvester body The utility model has a threshing box, a top of the threshing box is mounted on the fixing seat by a placing table, and a top side of the fixing seat is mounted with a bolt by a bolt, and one side of the mixing box is installed with a stirring box through the mounting frame, and one side passes through the liquid pipe Connecting a liquid storage tank, the top of the stirring box is installed with a motor through a protective plate, and the bottom of the motor is connected to the stirring rod through a driving shaft, and one side of the liquid storage tank is installed with a liquid level sensor through a protective sheet, and the liquid level sensor is installed on one side. The temperature sensor adjusts the angle of the support rod by the electric lifting rod, so that the nozzle on the water distribution pipe effectively adjusts the angle of the spray, and the liquid material is sent from the liquid storage tank to the water distribution pipe through the pressure pump, and the spray head sprays the farmland.


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