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Mining Machinery Promotes the Urbanization Development

As for the construction machinery manufacturing industry, the mining machinery with Ore Milling Equipment as its lead has become one of the fastest growing heavy-duty machine industries in China.

Numerous mining machinery manufacturing enterprises regard crusher and its related products as flagship products and have increased investments in research and development expecting to grab a market share in the fast-growing mining machinery area and its fierce competition. Meanwhile, it’s reported that in the year of 2015 the central region using stone crushers will achieve the goal of increasing the proportion of economic output and strive to make its per capita GDP achieve the national average level and the urbanization rate increased to 48%.

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According to statistics, sand washing equipment at present, the urbanization level of the central region is only 40.3%, in order to reach the level of 48% in the year of 2015, people’s needs to housing, transportation and integrated infrastructure will be increased, which will directly lead to the demand to sand makers.

The urbanization level of the central China is still very low, so achieving 48% urbanization rate means the acceleration of urbanization in real estate an infrastructure. The speeding up of urbanization will promote the process of industrialization. Crusher, as an important processing equipment of artificial sand of infrastructure, will benefit a lot.

According to the current situation of rapid economic development in China’s urbanization and industrialization process, the investment on the highway, railway, water conservancy and other major infrastructure will have a strong demand for mining machinery and which will further promote the sale rise of machinery equipment.

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