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Mineral processing equipment flotation equipment efficiency key is optional

mineral processing equipment for the flotation machine Raymond Mill, we need to pay attention in the course of a few, which are very important for us, our flotation machines are not a problem under normal circumstances, unless we in the course of in our equipment to do some adjustments, we use process deviation, cause we can not hit our material requirements:
fact, when using the flotation machine is very simple, and in the process we use, we are floating Sorter first fixed, so that we can make our flotation machine has a better development, and then there we before use for our flotation machine has some lubrication, lubrication in the flotation machine is Very important, if we fix the lubrication, so our equipment during use may be some problems, we need to look at the specific situation, do not mainly because the temperature of the lubricating our flotation machines have problems, thus burn our flotation machine parts.
matter what we do all need to pay attention to a few points, often times we do not pay attention at all to use, but there are some problems, we hope in the future use of the pay more attention to these issues, we have only one purpose, is to make better use of our flotation machine, truly reflect the value of their own,

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